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Gemeinde Neidenfels

Gemeinde Neidenfels
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Castle Ruin of Lichtenstein

Located to the west of Neidenfels on a hillside of the "Lichtensteiner Kopf" at an altitude of around 270 metres, it was probably built at the end of the 11th century. Today, the remains of the walls are grouped around a rock base that supported the defence tower. Lichtenstein Castle is overgrown by the forest and can no longer be seen within a few metres.

As with most castles in the Palatinate region today, the early history of Lichtenstein is unknown. What is also unusual is that the further fate of the castle remains too much in the dark. Finally, there is a lack of news of any kind about the Lichtenstein, which was first mentioned in a document in 1281 in connection with its destruction as a building.

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