Burgruine Froensburg/F


Tourist Information Dahner Felsenland

Tourist Information Dahner Felsenland
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Castle ruin Froensbourg/F

Froensbourg castle was built in 1269 by a branch of the Fleckenstein family. The whole of the castle was destroyed due to robber barons. In 1354, an imperial ordinance proscribed the reconstruction of the castle. In 1481, the Fleckensteins rebuilt the castle and added a mighty residential tower. However, in 1677, the castle was completely destroyed. Due to its division in two parts, a large and a small rock, the ruin resembles Wasigenstein castle. The multitude of rock stairways makes it hard to get an overall idea of the castle. Only some remains of walls and some beautiful rock hewn chambers in the lower part of the castle have been preserved.

This Premium-Trail leads to the castle: Franco-German Castle Trail (Deutsch-Französischer Burgenweg)

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