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Elmstein Castle Ruins - Elbenstein

Elmstein Castle's early history is unknown, this is true for the year of construction as well as for the original ownership. Only in the 13th century the darkness clears. For the first time around 1212, a ministerial is mentioned, Eckebertus pincerna [Schenk] de Elbestein, who named himself after the castle. Since in 1229 Count Palatine Otto appeared as feudal lord of the Schenken von Elmstein, it is assumed that the castle was founded by the Count Palatine at the end of the 12th or beginning of the 13th century. In 1251, an Embercho de Elbinstein is mentioned as milites de Lutra, two years later an Emercho miles dictus pincerna de Elbenstein donates vineyards in Deidesheim to the Otterberg monastery and grants grazing rights on Elbenstein territory. Until the 14th century, Schenken and Schlichter and witnesses are mentioned. There are connections to Eußerthal, to Zweibrücken and to today's Alsace.

The castle ruins are privately owned. If you wish to visit the castle, you are welcome to contact the owners by e-mail. info@burg-elbenstein.de.

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