Burgruine Battenberg

Battenberg (Pfalz)

Burgruine Battenberg

Burgruine Battenberg
Hauptstraße 1
67271 Battenberg

Phone : (+49) 6359 8001 3002
Fax : (+49) 6359 8001 8309


Battenberg Castle probably originally served to protect the Murbach fiefdom, which included the villages of Kleinkarlbach, Bobenheim / Berg and Weisenheim / Berg. In 1359 she was mentioned for the first time in connection with Counts of Leiningen. It is believed that the castle was built around 1240 by Count Friedrich III. zu Leiningen was built almost at the same time as Neuleiningen Castle. The circular wall has been preserved, on the south side a gun turret, probably from the 16th century, on the north corner the rest of the gatehouse, on the back a small residential building from the 18th or early 19th century, on the east side a substructure of the residential building with an elevated one vaulted cellar and a stair tower in the middle of the courtyard, expanded in the 19th century as a garden pavilion with iron stairs and a balcony.

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