Castle Information Centre at Lemberg Castle and water tunnel


Fremdenverkehrsbüro Pirmasens-Land

Fremdenverkehrsbüro Pirmasens-Land
Bahnhofstr. 19
66953 Pirmasens

Phone : 0049 6331 8720
Fax : 0049 6331 872100


Here visitors can access information about the most beautiful castles in the Southwest Palatinate and neighbouring France. The main themes of the exhibition are as follows:

  • Location and history of Lemberg Castle
  • Life and society at medieval castles
  • Illustration of 20 other important castles in the region
  • Detailed presentation of different castle areas
  • Explanations of handicraft techniques used in the Middle Ages
  • Tourist information about the region
  • The following is displayed in the exhibition:
  • Large information boards
  • Findings in showcases and rock gardens
  • Computer terminal with extensive information and notes relating to the Internet
  • Restored archaeological components and "natural" castle rocks

The connection to neighbouring France is shown in a cross-border context based on cooperation with the municipality of Bitche (Alsace). The fortress located there is featured in the exhibition.

The presentation of insights into the layout of Lemberg Castle gained through the archaeological excavations in recent years is a central focus of the exhibition.

Access trail: Count Heinrich Trail ("Graf-Heinrich-Weg")

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