Burg Spangenberg


Burg Spangenberg e.V.

Burg Spangenberg e.V.
67472 Esthal

Phone : (0049)6325 2027


Spangenberg Castle 

According to legend, Spangenberg Castle was built by "Wilden Kaspar" in the remote, deserted Speyerbach valley in the 11th century. It served as a hiding place for him and the emperor's daughter he had kidnapped. On 6 January 1100, it came into the possession of the Speyer diocese as a gift. The first documented mention of the castle dates back to 1317. For many years, the castle served as the residence of the Stutmeister, who bred horses for the Speyer bishops.

Further information can be found on the homepage: www.burg-spangenberg.de

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