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The book chambers on Heidenberg. To this day, historians have been puzzling over the age and function of the four rock chambers, which were carved out of the rock at a height of eight meters. Although the year 1678 is carved into the rock in one of the chambers, it is assumed that they existed before 1523. In 1678, one hundred and fifty years after the destruction of the Drachenfels, the French Reunion War raged in the Palatinate and it is believed that the inhabitants carved this date into the memory of the rock chambers that offered protection and hiding. Such rock chambers are unique in the entire Wasgau and do not occur in this type either on the nearby Drachenfels or on its neighboring castles. The earliest documented evidence of the existence of the book chambers dates back to 1635, when it is said that the rulers of the Drachenfels should have maintained three prisons here. Historians consider this statement to be just as dubious as the consideration that the rock chambers should have served as an observation post for the Drachenfels, to which there is a visual connection from here. Another theory is that it was only supposed to have been a hiding place for precious goods of the Drachenfels, which could be used in the event of an imminent siege. Be that as it may, the book chambers on Heidenberg remain a mystery, not least because there are still no archaeological finds from Heidenberg that could give any conclusions about its function and actual age. Busenberg Tourist Office - August 2009

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