Bruderfelsen - Wahrzeichen der Stadt Rodalben


Touristinformation Gräfensteiner Land

Touristinformation Gräfensteiner Land
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The Bruderfelsen is the symbol of the town of Rodalben and towers high above the municipal administration. The quickest way to get there is from Baumbuschstraße via the Otto-Stolz-Path. It is located on the approx. 44 km long Rodalber Felsenwanderweg, which leads the hiker past over 120 impressive rock massifs made of red sandstone and is considered to be one of the most beautiful circular hiking trails in the Palatinate. The Bruderfelsen is one of the absolute highlights of this round tour. It is a typical hillside rock where the weather and millennia-long erosion have shaped the visible part into 2 mighty sandstone pillars, which look like two brothers. Of course, it also has its own story or legend:

"A long, long time ago a young, glowy-eyed girl, a gypsy by the name of Silja, lived with the herbalist Bille, who lived in a cottage in the district of Langenbach, near the Bear Cave. When the two brothers Reinolf and Gerbrand, two young, strong ones Farm boys, once drove their herd of cows past the hut and caught sight of the beautiful girl, it had happened to both of them. The look in Silja's eyes had beguiled and captivated them. From that hour on, the brother guarded his brother full of jealousy. Resentment and envy were the brothers' bad companions. When Reinolf woke up one night in his camp and found the Gerbrand camp deserted, he immediately hurried into the Langenbach valley to Bille's cottage and saw his brother with Silja. At the edge of the forest, at one point He lay in wait for him where one could clearly see the way his brother had to go back. The two brothers stood opposite each other full of hatred, body to body, each b ready to force the other down. They were both full of hatred for each other that they were both capable of fratricide. The duel to which no one was subject lasted for a long time. But then all of a sudden icy cold streamed up and over her and made her freeze. The fight was over and since then the Bruderfelsen, two stone pillars that resemble each other like brothers, have stood at this point above the Rodalb valley. The two brothers, however, were never seen again."

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