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Ortsgemeinde Bornheim

Ortsgemeinde Bornheim
76879 Bornheim

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The Bach estate, famous for its pig breeding and fattening, once stood next to the Catholic church. When the farm was relocated in the early 1980s and a neighbouring farm was acquired, the site became Bornheim's village centre.

Under the leadership of Dieter Hörner, mayor from 1989 to 2004, Professor Gernot Rumpf from Lachen-Speyerdorf and his wife Barbara created the unique Bornheim Saubrunnen. It was inaugurated on 8 October 1988.

The fountain depicts various scenes centred on the pig. From the "Oberwutz" balancing his mother-in-law on a plate to the elegantly dressed boar kicking happily in front of a plate of sausages. Another boar even brings Bornheimer wine and bratwurst, while a small boar poses on a tin of Saumagen. Another, with horns and a moustache, brings fresh water. The "Wutz with wings" represents St Anthony's companion and points his forehand at the church door. Finally, there is the "mother sow with four little ones", one of which is a Herxheim tobacco rabbit. According to superstition, anyone who rubs the mother sow's snout four times will be blessed with four children.

The fountain was mainly financed by donations. Today, the Bornheimer Saubrunnen is appreciated far beyond the borders of the Southern Palatinate for its unique design and humorous depiction.

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