Böchinger Hütte


Böchinger Hütte

Böchinger Hütte
76833 Böchingen

Phone : (0049) 623232538


The Böchinger Hütte is located in the Pottasch Valley and is therefore often referred to as the Pottaschhütte. It used to serve as a shelter for the forest workers who worked on a planting garden in the Böchinger Forest after the Second World War in order to reforest the forest, which had been badly damaged during the war.

Due to the distance between the forest and their homes, it was too time-consuming to take the labourers to the forest every day, so they spent the night in the hut. At that time, a water supply had already been established via a private spring, which is still used today. When the plant nurseries were dissolved at the end of the 1960s and the forestry offices took over this work following an administrative reform, the Pfälzerwald Verein Böchingen e.V. acquired the hut in 1972 to cater for hikers.

As the number of hikers increased, the hut was continually expanded, but is still run by the Palatinate Forest Association on a voluntary basis. The hut offers both indoor and outdoor seating and a children's playground for the little ones.

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