Bobenheim am Berg - Historisches Backhaus

Bobenheim am Berg

Backhaus Bobenheim am Berg

Backhaus Bobenheim am Berg
Leininger Straße
67273 Bobenheim am Berg


The historic bakehouse has been newly rebuilt, reviving the old tradition of communal baking. Today, the Bobenheim bakehouse allows bread baking as a speciality. Let yourself be infected by the enthusiasm for baking bread and making it yourself. Even today, the flour has to be milled, the pre-dough prepared and the dough kneaded. The electric heating of the stone oven makes it much easier. No matter what kind of grain or flour you choose, whether you make the dough with yeast or sourdough: home-made bread baked in a stone oven is something special.

Contact: Verein Altes Dorf e.V.

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