It was founded by the mining industry Carl Ferdinand von Stumm-Halberg (1836-1901), has a height of 19 meters and was inaugurated in 1900. In 1907 the Bismarck tower was handed over to the city of Landstuhl. This undertook the obligation to light a fire on the platform on the day of birth and death of Bismarck.


In the interior of the Bismarckturm you reach a 74-step stone staircase to the observation deck and from there you have a magnificent view over the Sickingenstadt Landstuhl.


Information: The Bismarckturm is closed during Advent until shortly after Heilig-Drei-König. Otherwise, it is accessible year-round, if the weather permits.

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Kirchberg/ Anfahrt über Luitpoldstraße
66849 Landstuhl