Bischöfliches Schloss


Bischöfliches Schloss

Bischöfliches Schloss
Hauptstraße 40
67246 Dirmstein

Phone : (+49) 6359 8001 3002
Fax : (+49) 6359 8001 8309


A predecessor building, referred to only as a “house”, is documented from 1240, the actual “castle” for the first time on August 11, 1414. During the Peasants' War in 1525, it was razed by local farmers. In the next 200 years the castle was used by the diocese as an agricultural property; it deteriorated more and more. Between 1732 and 1743 three of the four corner towers were completely or partially demolished due to disrepair. On October 7, 1803, Johann Römer from Dirmstein bought it for 19,300 francs. Since then, the facility has been privately owned.

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