Beweidungsprojekt St. Martin

St. Martin


Ten Heck cattle currently graze the area near the Sandwiesenweiher pond in the St. Martiner Valley on a wooded area of around 44 hectares. The wild cattle (named after the breeders, the Heck brothers, from the 1920s) resemble the long-extinct aurochs. The project was launched in 2011 and since then the cattle have been helping to maintain the landscape. Their job is to ensure that the landscape in the St. Martin valley does not become overgrown with bushes. Several clearings have already been created as a result.

The Aurochs Trail, an easy 4.6 km hiking trail, also runs around the grazing area. You can find a detailed description and maps here:

There are also regular guided tours around the area. Here, guests are introduced to the project and the animals. The exact dates can be found in our calendar of events.


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