Bad Bergzabern

Protestantisches Dekanat Bad Bergzabern

Protestantisches Dekanat Bad Bergzabern
Weinstraße 48
76887 Bad Bergzabern

Phone : 0049 6343 7002100


The Lutheran congregation in Bergzabern built the church from 1720 to 1730. They were financially supported by Duchess Karoline von Nassau-Zweibrücken, who had chosen Bergzabern Castle as her widow's residence and used the mountain church as a castle church. In the absence of a princely box, a barred pew was installed for the rulers to protect them from the gaze of the common people. Duchess Karoline's mother, Countess Philippine Henriette, and her sister, Princess Henriette, are buried in the crypt under the altar.

The mountain church gets its atmospheric atmosphere from the coffered ceiling depicting the firmament with golden stars, sun and moon, the Baumann organ from 1782 with the two trombone angels and the ducal coat of arms, the pulpit with the crown sound cover, a sermon hourglass and other stylish elements. It is often used by young couples for their wedding.

Can be visited as part of the city tours every Sunday (from Easter to October) at 2 p.m., starting at Südpfalztherme.

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