Beauty Secrets Bad Dürkheim

Bad Dürkheim

Beauty Secrets Bad Dürkheim

Beauty Secrets Bad Dürkheim
Mannheimerstraße 20B
67098 Bad-Dürkheim

Phone : (0049) 6322 6054298


Beauty Secrets is a cosmetic institute that relies on a holistic concept to optimally care for the skin.

Customers can enjoy intensive relaxation combined with the highest quality cosmetics. Beauty is something very personal, as is our skin. This super organ, your skin, is as individual as your fingerprint. That is why we tailor the treatments individually to each of our customers. A thorough analysis with personalized treatment is the standard in our cosmetic studio.

We also offer wellness and pampering programs. Additionally, we invite those searching for just the right place for their; foot care, cupping massages, lymph massages and cellutlite treatments. We treat the whole body. Our state of the art equipment affords our customers the opportunity to choose the latest cosmetic treatments such as microneedling, permanent hair removal, microdermabrasion, apua facials and ultrasound treatments.

To ensure our customers are guarenteed the highest quality and most current health and beauty treatments, our institute professionals regulary attend training events sponsored by our industry leading corporate partners. This gives our customers the confindence and peace of mind that our beauty experts and technology offer an experience like never before.

To ensure we meet the needs of all within our community, we are proud to be the only institute in the area that offers new and soon to be new mommy treatments, i.e. special pregnancy treatments, extendet time for standard treatments, an child friendly studios upon request.

Our institute is also handicap accessible for those that may have limited mobility. Our beauty technicians also have extensive experience providing treatments to those whom are already enjoying their retirement years.

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