Barfußpfad am Sandwiesenweiher

St. Martin


Over a length of around 500 m, the path leads you around the lake through 10 foot feel stations. For example, it takes you over fine grit, through soft sand, over balancing logs, a wobbly bridge and through a wonderful mud pool. Finally, there is a small stream for fun water games and, of course, for cleaning your feet. Firm and soft, sharp and blunt, cold and warm, rough and tender - your feet will be amazed at what they miss out on as long as they are in socks and shoes.

It can be reached via Totenkopfstraße in the direction of Elmstein (L514). After leaving the village, turn left after approx. 2 km into the “Grillhütte St. Martin” parking lot. The Haus an den Fichten and the St. Martin barbecue hut are within walking distance.

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