Tourist-Informations-Zentrum Pfälzerwald

Tourist-Informations-Zentrum Pfälzerwald
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Backelstein Castle is a former spur castle (wooden castle) of unknown status south of the municipality of Hauenstein. The castle is located 310m above sea level on a rocky reef on the south-western slope of the Weimersberg, west of the Soldatenkopf. There is no documented mention of the castle. Thus, no statements can be made about its construction, history or inhabitants. According to legend, it was the hunting lodge of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. Finds of shards of yellow rotary ware suggest that the castle was used before the 13th century. The castle site shows only a few postholes in the rock. On the north side, a rock chamber and a rock-hewn stairway are visible. Masonry remains are completely missing.

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