Aussichtspunkt Rastplatz Dietersberg


Tourist-Information Gräfensteiner Land

Tourist-Information Gräfensteiner Land
Am Rathaus 9
66976 Rodalben

Phone : (+49) 6331 234180
Fax : (+49) 6331 234105


Idyllic, beautiful resting place on the edge of the forest of the Dietersberg. From here you have a wonderful view of Clausen and the surrounding meadows, pastures and fields. Immediately next to it is a small altar with a statue of St. Mary and a prayer table. In addition, there is a huge, ancient oak tree, which gives the whole thing a special, almost mystical atmosphere. All in all, a wonderful place that invites you to linger, enjoy the sunset and just let your mind wander. Incidentally, this place is popularly known as the "Bildstöckel".

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