Aussichten der Tuchmacher

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Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht (Pfalz)
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Themed hiking trail "Aussichten der Tuchmacher"

The route starts at Lambrecht(Pfalz) train station, which you can either reach by public transport or park your vehicle in the neighboring parking lot. From there, the route leads down into the city and via Schulstraße past Friedrich-Ebert-Platz, up Markstraße. After the monastery church we continue in the direction of Grabenstraße. There is the entrance to the Friedensweg. We follow the Friedensweg and then continue on the Aussichten der Tuchmacherweg. In the first left turn of the gravel path we leave it on a rather steep uphill path, which leads us after a few hundred meters to the beginning of the "Tugendpfad". The Tugendpfad leads us further uphill until we reach the "Stadter Bank" trailhead. The first altitude level is reached and on a now wide, natural path the trail leads us almost without any further ascent to the "Schönen Aussicht" at the "Wildsaukopf" and the Wellenliegen. The two names quickly become clear due to the view over the Lambrechter and the rocks resting on the slope. A first rest on the inviting wave loungers fits well into the schedule. Let your legs dangle and let the view wander over the city to the west or in the direction of Weinbiet.

We continue the hike on a wide path, initially without any major incline, until we turn off sharply to the left and clearly uphill at the next crossroads after a few hundred meters. In a loop, the path leads us to the next altitude level and the next two path junctions to the left are ignored. Gently ascending, the path now leads on the north side of the Schauerberg to the viewpoint "Umsetzer". Here, too, a seating area invites you to take a break and the view from this higher vantage point provides a new view down to the old cloth-making town in the valley.

After the "Umsetzer" the description of the path is almost repeated, which we know from the "Wellenliegen". Gently ascending further, until it goes sharply to the left and tüchtig uphill. But even here the slope is finite and we have reached the ridge. Almost on all sides the terrain now slopes down and we maintain the direction to the Emperor's Garden along enchanted stone formations.

The Emperor's Garden was created on August 15, 1804 as a fairground for the ordered celebration of Napoleon's appointment as hereditary emperor on the cattle shelter "Alte Unger". The Kaisergarten, at 519 meters, is the highest point in the Lambrechter Klosterwald. To get to the remains of the Alte Unger, simply follow the sign across the forest. Nowadays, low stone walls can still be seen.

Turn right onto the path (follow the markings) and cross two forest paths. On the way, the view sweeps over the heights of the Palatinate Forest. On the path, which goes through heath bushes, two wave loungers offer again the opportunity for a rest. We turn right onto the marked road ("Lambrecht über "Dicker Stein"-Turm") and left before the round table. About 100 meters further on, we turn sharp left onto the grassy path. At the stone of movement we go down the stairs to the Dicker Stein tower.

Thick Stone Tower: The first pavilion on the Thick Stone was built as early as 1896, but fell into disrepair over time. Then in 1933, work began to build a lookout tower here. In 1995 it was so dilapidated that it had to be closed. However, there were many helpers who restored the tower.

We go down the path in front of the tower and turn right at the junction; we now follow the markings again. We turn left onto the road and after about 220 meters we turn sharp right onto the path. At the end of the path turn right onto the forest road.

At the crossroads turn left and go down to the cemetery. Continue to follow the trail markings. It goes along the road. We walk down the paved road and past the school. We turn right into the main street and left into Bahnhofstraße. At the train station this hike ends again.

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UFFBASSE! - Campaign for considerate coexistence in nature

  • Always act with foresight, kindness and consideration towards everyone you meet along the way.
  • Pay attention to nature, don't destroy plants and always stay on the trails.
  • Try to avoid excessive noise and leave the forest before dusk.
  • Remember a trash bag for the road and take litter back home.
  • Please keep your dog on a leash at all times. Other visitors and animals will thank you.
  • For your own safety, observe all trail closures.
  • Park only in designated parking areas.
  • Leave room for emergency vehicles and farm equipment.
  • Please give priority to agricultural and forestry traffic.