The Archaeological Museum


The Archaeological Museum is a branch of the State Office for Monument Preservation, Speyer Office, which puts on illustrative events with focal topics.

There is a life-like depiction of a Franconian burial in the modern forecourt. Two recreated gabled walls of Roman striped buildings enclose the square at the sides.

Opposite the building of the Archaeological Museum, there is a Roman sarcophagus from the fourth century, a medieval capital and a milestone from the late antique.


There are the windows to the Glass Workshop in the display room. They allow visitors to witness the restoration of prehistoric and historical excavation finds for exhibitions. It demonstrates the process of discovering objects in a broken condition and preparing them for exhibition.


Gilgenstraße 13

67346 Speyer



Tel.: 0049 6232 675740

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Archäologisches Schaufenster
Gilgenstraße 13
67346 Speyer

Phone: 0049 6232 675740