Hartmannstraße 52
67487 Maikammer

Phone : +49 6321 952768


The building has three floors. The facade of the part of the building on Hartmannstraße is divided into seven axes via the windows. The entrance door is located in the middle of the facade on the ground floor. The basement shows roughly misted red sandstones. The facade is made in brushed yellow sandstones. The floors are separated by cornices at the window reveals. On the first floor and on the first floor there are three sandstone elements each above the windows in the form of standing compartments. The design of the second floor is restrained. The windows are smaller, the cornice band is missing and the three sandstones above the windows have not been included. The building ends in a flattened recessed "corner solution". This design of a street corner is unique for the village of Maikammer.

The building continues into Schloßstraße and ends at a passageway into the inner courtyard. This part of the building in Hartmannstraße is stylistically only slightly different from the passageway and the subsequent sections in Schloßstraße.

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