Appenthaler Glockenturm


Glockenverein Appenthal 1898 e.V.

Glockenverein Appenthal 1898 e.V.
67471 Elmstein

Phone : (+49)6328-369


The bell tower of Appenthal was built in 1909 and is still used for bell ringing today. There are two bells inside the bell tower. These bells were cast by the Johann Georg Pfeifer bell foundry in Kaiserslautern in October 1889. The small bell has the inscription "Donated by mill owner Konrad Haag in Appenthal 1888, No. 1343 cast by Johann G. Pfeifer, Kaiserslautern". It has a weight of 221.5 kg and was tuned to the tone c'. The inscription of the large bell has not been handed down to us, it had to be delivered for war purposes in 1917. It weighed 369 kg and was tuned to the tone a'. The casting of the two bells cost 1359.30 marks.

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