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Südliche Weinstrasse Landau-Land

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A trade route between Hohenberg and Förlenberg used to pass by the "Am Zollstock" waypoint. The name comes from a customs station there around 1786, where the territories of the Electoral Palatinate (Birkweiler), the Bishopric of Speyer (Ranschbach) and the Duchy of Zweibrücken met. With the dissolution of the dominions, the customs station was also dissolved in 1789 after the French Revolution. A memorial stone from 1986 still bears witness to the customs station.

Even today, there are still special features at the "Am Zollstock" waypoint: At this point, where the Pälzer Keschdeweg and Keschde-Erlebnisweg hiking trails intersect, hammocks and the Woodstop shelter invite you to take a breather - all made from local chestnut wood!

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