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Förderkreis Kirchenruine Appenthal e.V.

Förderkreis Kirchenruine Appenthal e.V.
Bahnhofstraße 91
67471 Elmstein OT Appenthal


The Elector's Chapel in Appenthal

In Appenthal, where the road from Elmstein or Helmbach branches off northwards into the Harzofental, the "Old Tower" rises like a rock, the last remnant of a respectable church built in local red sandstone at the end of the 15th century. The church itself was already largely dilapidated in the 16th century, and its stones were used to build houses. Only the tower standing at the side of the former choir room with its thick walls could hardly be knocked down; thus it has been preserved to the present day and gives us an astonishingly perfect picture of the original entire building complex.

The large stones of the wall and the wall are carefully hewn and have the late Gothic pincer holes into which the wreath tongs reached in order to carry the heavy load to the right place. All bear the stonemason's mark of the masters and journeymen who hewed them to shape. Between them - as became more and more common in the late Middle Ages - irregular stones are bricked up, hidden under the former plaster skin. The high, pointed-arched windows with their tracery remains, the mouldings and profiles as well as the curtain-arched jamb of the small door on the south side of the tower still bear particularly clear witness to the building period.

The stately church is always referred to as a "Capelle", which, in contrast to today's usage, has nothing to do with its size, but solely with its ecclesiastical classification: it did not belong to a parish, but to a Caplanei (under the "mater" Elmstein).

Excerpt from: Appenthal - its Old Tower and Chronicle

by: Dr. Ing. Dietrich Wohlfahrt and Edrich Uhly

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