Alsterweiler Kapelle


Alsterweiler Kapelle

Alsterweiler Kapelle
Alsterweiler Hauptstraße 5
67487 Maikammer

Phone : +49 6321 952768


The Alsterweiler Chapel was built in 1845 on the initiative of the citizens of Alsterweiler, with both the construction and the furnishings being financed by donations and endowments.. In 1968, the chapel was thoroughly renovated. Almost the entire interior, including the beautiful coloured windows, was replaced and the round window in the choir was walled up. In 1980,on the occasion of the restoration of the valuable late Gothic altarpiece (triptych), which is also called the "Maikammer Altar", the chapel had to be thoroughly reconditioned once again. Transferred from the parish church to the Alsterweiler Chapel in 1969, it is one of the few surviving examples of Gothic panel painting in the Palatinate. Probably completed around 1445, it is a valuable testimony to Upper Rhenish painting and has been in its original place for almost 500 years.


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Tours of the Alsterweiler Chapel are currently only possible during the Bollerwagen wine tasting or by arrangement with the Maikammer Tourism Office.

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