Alles & Co. Fotografie

Bad Dürkheim

Fotostudio Alles

Fotostudio Alles
Mannheimerstr. 16
67098 Bad Dürkheim

Phone : (0049) 6322 61547


Alles & Co. is a traditional master photography business in Bad Dürkheim. Known until 2017 as Fotostudio Alles, now Alles & Co. Fotografie, the company has existed for over 60 years! In 1960, Rolf Alles opened the master business "Foto Alles" in Mannheimerstaße 7. Equipped with his own black and white laboratory, Rolf Alles photographed, developed and processed his photographs in the highest quality. In 1979 Carol Alles started her apprenticeship as a photographer with her father. She then gained experience in various studios and took over the business from her father in 1987. As a master photographer, she trained several apprentices and also served on the examination board. With the desire for a larger studio, Carol moved to new premises at Mannheimerstraße 16 in 1997, where the business is still located today. At the turn of the millennium, a big change was in store for photography. Carol took the photo studio from analogue to digital photography. The grandson, or rather son Nicolas Brückmann, was the last apprentice so far and with him the third generation is thus active in the photography business. Creative from an early age, interested in technology and having grown up with new media, he followed his training as a media assistant with an apprenticeship as a photographer. Translated with (free version)

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