The Almond Blossom

Pink Spring in the Palatinate

Along the German Wine Route, spring begins earlier than elsewhere in Germany since the abundant almond blossom shines here in soft pink shades from March. This annual natural spectacle is celebrated from 1st March to 30th April with the "Rosa Wochen" ("Pink Weeks") and a wide range of events focusing on the almond. The entire region joins in with merry festivals, culinary delicacies and superb arrangements for the almond season, and the vintners open their doors and invite guests in to sample the new vintage. The region has plenty to offer gastronomically with its restaurants, wine bars and hotels, where creative chefs conjure up a multitude of specialities using almonds.

Palatine Almond Trail

Spring Hiking to the Almond Blossom

The almond trees along the roads and paths of the Palatinate Almond Trail blossom particularly richly and luxuriantly. This very special hiking trail runs like a pink ribbon through the land of almond blossom. Its approximately 100 kilometres run from Schweigen-Rechtenbach on the border to France through the Palatinate wine landscape to Bad Dürkheim. Be enchanted by the pink blossom in spring and enjoy the views over the Palatinate vineyard landscape.

By the way: In the reader voting of the trekking award 2022, the Palatinate Almond Trail takes 1st place in the category "The most beautiful hiking trails"!

Pfälzer Mandelpfad Trekking Award 2022
Mandelblüte in Gleiszellen

Palatinate Almond Weeks

Pink Lights and Events for the Almond Blossom

While the almond blossom provides a colourful spectacle, especially during the day, at night it is the castles, palaces, churches and many other historic buildings that provide magical pink and rose-coloured light along the German Wine Route. In March and April, historic buildings and squares are illuminated. Several municipalities invite visitors to almond blossom festivals, the dates of which are also determined by the almond blossom, as the region's almond trees are supposed to be in bloom for the festivities. The first wine festival of the year takes place at the time of the almond blossom in the picturesque wine village of Gimmeldingen. This is followed, among others, by the Almond Mile in Edenkoben along the Villastraße, known as the Almond Blossom Avenue, up to Villa Ludwigshöhe Castle and the Almond Blossom Festival in Gleiszellen-Gleishorbach at the Dionysius Chapel amidst a sea of blossoms.

Vacation Packages

Under the Sign of the Almond Blossom

Visitors who want to spend not just one, but several enjoyable days in the region of the almond blossom can conveniently leave the organising of their stay in our hands. Those who want to experience the "Pink Almond Blossom Dream" on site can do so with the package of the same name in March and April. The "Palatinate Almond Trail Hiking Tour" package is even more attractive. As the name suggests, it includes a hike along the Palatinate Almond Trail from Bad Bergzabern to Neustadt - with luggage transport included. In addition, both packages include culinary, enjoyable and cultural highlights, in connection with the almond blossom and the wine route.

Wanderer auf dem Mandelpfad

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Spring awakening with a pink backdrop