Active Holiday

Get Active while Climbing, Golfing, Horse Riding, Archery, with the Südpfalzdraisine or on a Segway

On the Southern Wine Route, active holidaymakers and sports fans get their money's worth in Germany's sunniest region. Whether beginner or advanced - every visitor will find the right action among the wide range of activities on offer. Dizzying climbs provide adrenaline rushes, the Southern Palatinate draisine railway is a real experience for young and old and there are also special experiences to be had with golfing or archery.


Flying High with Indoor & Outdoor Climbing

The southern part of the Palatinate Forest, the Palatinate Wasgau, is one of the most impressive red sandstone landscapes in Germany.

The 80 or so free-standing towers and more than 140 massifs give the Wasgau its characteristic character.

The walls and towers, some of which are over 60 metres high and set in a charming landscape, and the climbing tradition, which now goes back a hundred years, make the Southern Palatinate one of the most important climbing areas in Germany.

Draisinenfahrt an der Südlichen Weinstraße

The Südpfalzdrasine

Cycling on Rails

The Southern Palatinate trolley railway between Bornheim and Lingenfeld is a popular excursion destination in the Southern Palatinate. An experience for young and old.

Up to seven people can take a seat on the original vehicle and travel comfortably along the rails. While at least two people pedal, the other passengers can enjoy nature and the view from the back seat.

The rail vehicles named after the great Mannheim inventor Karl Drais were particularly important for railway workers in earlier decades. Today, cycling on these practical vehicles is an environmentally friendly pleasure far away from crowded roads and busy cycle paths.

You can set off from Bornheim in the morning between 10 and 11.30 am. The one-way journey on the single-track route from Bornheim to Lingenfeld via Dreihof, Hochstadt, Zeiskam, Lustadt and Westheim takes around one and a half hours, but you can park or reverse at any of the six stops. From 2 p.m., the direction of travel will be changed for the return journey to Bornheim. The route is 26 kilometres round trip.

Rest and refreshment stops will be provided along the way. At the start, cyclists will receive a list of restaurants and pubs along the route with their telephone numbers and opening times. And of course there is plenty of storage space for picnic baskets on the trolleys.

If you want to plan an excursion during the season from April to October, you should book your trip on the Südpfalzdraisine well in advance. Cycling on the rails is very popular and weekends and public holidays are often fully booked well in advance.


The Funniest Vehicle with two Wheels

Don't want to explore the Southern Wine Route on foot or by bus?

Then simply glide along the Southern Wine Route on a Segway.
The environmentally friendly and stable two-wheeler moves by shifting the rider's weight
of the rider and balances itself in the process.

At a maximum speed of 20 km/h, you can go on various tours accompanied by a local guide.
accompanied by a local guide. Whether you want to follow in the footsteps of tobacco, are interested in wine,
want to explore the Southern Palatinate or are a foodie, there is something for every taste.

Anyone with a moped or car driving licence can ride a Segway.
The fact that you can take bends on a Segway and turn on its own axis increases the fun factor.

Segway Tour
Pferde im Weinberg


On Horseback along the Southern Wine Route

On a ride through the Southern Wine Route, you tower over the sea of vines on horseback and enjoy the marvellous view over the expansive landscape. A view that awakens longing and makes riders happy...

The Palatinate countryside offers every rider a wide variety of riding opportunities. The Palatinate Forest with its beautiful and bizarre rock formations, the Palatinate uplands with its varied hills, forests and meadows, the Palatinate wine country with its extensive trails through a fascinating vineyard landscape and the Palatinate Rhine plain with its extensive vegetable fields and orchards.

Whether flat, hilly or wooded - the diverse character of this region has something to offer every rider. In the west of the Palatinate, the Palatinate Forest Nature Park covers an area of 180,000 hectares. A true natural paradise for extended trail rides! 

Pure peace and relaxation can be found on an extensive network of trails and the famous Palatinate hospitality in more than 100 managed forest huts. 
Castles and ruins, unspoilt forest landscapes and secluded villages and farms make the largest contiguous forest area in Germany a popular riding area.

28 Palatinate-to-Horse stations are spread across the entire region: from the Hengstbacherhof in the north, the Bruchwiesen Ranch in Bad Dürkheim, the Villa Pistora in Bad Bergzabern and the Rundwieserhof hay hotel in western Konken. Trail riders don't have to do much planning, as the station managers know the best day trips and routes to the neighbouring stations.


In the Midst of Picturesque Vineyards

The Landgut Dreihof golf course is located on the edge of the Palatinate Forest, surrounded by world-famous vineyards, nestled in a picturesque landscape and only 5 kilometres from the southern Palatinate metropolis of Landau.

The 27-hole championship course is fun for every golfer, regardless of their level of play. The course is pleasant and fair, yet challenging from a sporting point of view. The Landgut Dreihof golf course has been awarded 5 stars superior by the BVGA. 30 new club cars are available to guests every day.

Absolute beginners and non-golfers are also very welcome. The public 9-hole short course offers golfing pleasure and fun for everyone. The pitch & putt course is very beautiful and interesting and can be played without a licence or club membership. Sufficient dates for taster courses are offered for golf beginners.

Golfanlage Dreihof

Traditional Archery

A Challenging Experience Between Tradition and Modernity in a Unique Natural Setting

Discerning visitors can hit the bull's eye with archery, a sport that combines tradition and modernity. Whether outdoors or on the 3D course: experienced trainers accompany course participants at various locations on the Southern Wine Route.

Whether you want to enjoy the diversity and beauty of the Southern Wine Route on a weekend or spend your holiday on the Southern Wine Route. The Southern Wine Route offers you a variety of opportunities to leave everyday life behind. The art of traditional archery offers you a special experience.

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